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Automotive Repair in Kimball and the Surrounding Area

Welcome to Kimball Garage, the greater Kimball area’s one stop solution for automotive repair since 2007. Our owner Tim Ellis has been in this business since 1981, and in that considerable about of time he rightly believes that he has seen — and repaired — just about anything that can need fixing in a vehicle. Tim and our team of experienced technicians are standing by to show you what the very best people in the automotive repair industry can do. When you come to Kimball Garage, you can count on fair, friendly service.

Automotive Repair Services

All of our mechanics are certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence, a non-profit organization dedicated to identifying automotive technicians who are demonstrably competent and trustworthy. As such, we are able to repair engines, transmissions, and suspensions, as well as exhaust systems, alternators, starters, ignitions, and every other thing in a vehicle that can possibly be in need of repair. We have identified the tools and techniques most effective for what we do, and use only the high-quality fluids made by BG Products in the vehicles that we service. Whether you need a complete engine overhaul or simply an oil change or tune up, our work is the gold standard in our area of operations. We even service diesel vehicles.

Tire Specialists

We also specialize in tires, whether they may be in need of alignment, rotation, balancing, repair, or flat-out replacement. It’s arguable that your tires are the most important parts on your car, since they connect the rest of its systems to the ground. Don’t place their care with anyone less invested in your well-being than we are.

You Can Count on Fair, Friendly Service

We take great pride in being a family owned and operated garage. We only do work that we are proud to hang our name on, and we owe all of our success to the satisfaction of our customers. When we work on your vehicle, you get the peace of mind that only a company invested in its community can provide. You can count on our fair and friendly service!

Kimball Garage

Phone: (320) 398-2200
Address: 201 Maus Dr, Kimball, MN 55353

Business Hours

Monday–Friday: 7:30AM–5:00PM